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Using innovative computer modeling, Leon Design Group helps transform your design idea from a thought or a sketch into a real prototype. We can help you create a picture-perfect computer-assisted image of anything you can imagine, from the delicate elements of a unique pendant to the intricate details for a set of etched flatware to a realistic, complex image for an advertisement or presentation.

The only thing you need is your idea.

And if you then want a physical model of the item, Leon Design Group will use your detailed computer rendering to accurately reproduce it. At each step of the process, we provide the most true-to-life computer-simulated images of the model, so you can be confident in how the final product will turn out.
  Using the latest technology, there will no longer be a conflict between your design and technical limitations. The design process works so that you get your ideal design with the functionality you want.

  Leon Design Group helps you bring your concept to life.